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How to Install a New Center Cap

Installing Your New Center Cap

Step 1:

The retention ring inside the center hubcap must fit correctly and comfortably. 

Unlike a hubcap, no clips are needed to hold it in position.  The retention ring is a simple steel hoop that aids in keeping the cap in place.

Step 2:

Install the center cap over the opening in the middle of the wheel.

Step 3:

Push the cap right into the available opening.

Step 4:

Repeat the removal steps of the caps as well as the setup process on the remaining wheels.

If you had to remove the wheel to get at the center cap, then the final step will be to re-install the tires, refasten the lugs, and release the crank on the jack to lower the vehicle.

Tools you will need for the project:

  • Center hubcap removal tool
  • Tire iron
  • Car or truck jack

    As you can see the process of removing and installing the new center cap is pretty straight forward.  Also recommended, to remove the cap safely, is to use a hubcap removal tool,  For your convenience, Centercapsautoparts247 has several tools available for our customers.


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