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How to Remove the Old Center Cap

3 Easy Steps to Remove the Old Center Cap

Step 1:

Examine the center cap you want to remove. If you see 2 pin openings, then the procedure should be reasonably simple. Insert the center cap removal device (of your choice) into one of the pinholes.   Slowly, but firmly, remove the cap from the wheel. How much pressure you use while removing the cap depends on whether you wish to keep the cap or not.

Step 2:

Place your removal device between the side of the cap and the side of the wheel itself. See if you have any movement. You can do this step also with two removal tools on opposite sides of the cap.  

Bear In mind, the level of pressure you use depends on whether you want to damage the cap or not.  You can also try removing the cap  with two flat screwdrivers, however attempting this might possibly damage the wheel.

Step 3:

You also have the option of jacking up the car, if you still can’t get the cap out of the wheel.

Tips for removing the cap when the car is jacked up:

  • Remove the lug nuts with a tire iron.
  • Pull the wheel off the vehicle.
  • Tap out the center cap with the tire iron, turning the wheel to make sure that you're taking a look at the wheel's back side.  

Following these simple steps and having the proper tool to remove the cap, should make the job easier.

Below are a few suggested center cap tool removals to assist you.


Universal Car Truck Wheel Lug Bolt Nut Center Cap Extractor Removal Tool Clip With Hook Tire Accessories

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