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The Advantages of Owning a Hybrid Car

The advantages of owning a hybrid car 

The hybrid car's popularity has arrived and is growing. Facing high (and getting higher) gas prices is forcing Americans to rethink how they drive, how much they drive and the distance they drive. This is causing car owners to seriously consider purchasing a hybrid.

To save on fuel costs more and more of us are opting for carpooling and using public transportation rather than driving our personal vehicles to and from our jobs.

We are also considering:

  • consolidating our trips to the store and personal errands.
  • delaying or even canceling family vacations.
  • keeping closer to home

Unfortunately, these changes are being made in our daily routine due to the rising price of gasoline and its affect on our spending power..

We don't LIKE being forced to change our driving habits. The majority of us realize that our reliance on foreign oil needs to change and that America needs to utilize what resources we have available right here for producing our own fuel.

We all are concerned about what burning all this fossil fuel is doing ecologically to the earth. But we are also concerned about our financial needs and how the rising gas prices are impacting our lives.

So let's take a moment and look at the advantages of owning a hybrid vehicle. 

Personally I have owned a hybrid car since 2014 and I love it!  It is terrific on gas mileage and has great spunk when you need the power to move.

Hybrid cars, such as the Honda Insight, Toyota Prius, and a number of others, rely on both a gasoline-powered engine and an electric motor (via powerful batteries that recharge as you drive).

The results have been amazing!  The Insight, for example, exceeds 60 miles per gallon in the city with fewer emissions.

The difference is particularly evident while driving in the city -- the electric motor does most of the work during city driving, thus using less gasoline, while the gasoline engine provides more power during highway driving.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to hybrid cars. They are generally:

  • smaller vehicles
  • made with lighter-weight parts
  • you may have to sacrifice horsepower for fuel economy 
  • forget about towing a trailer or boat 

In addition, the hybrid market has been small, but is growing, as is the need for electric cars.

Regrettably some believe that hybrid cars are not as effective as alternative fuel technologies, such as ethanol made from corn, switch grass, or even hydrogen or saltwater.

For me owning a hybrid has been a great decision, You can't beat the gas mileage, the power and quick response.

Of course, I would love to own an electric car, like a Tesla, but at this time they are too expensive.  Also you need to have access to an electric outlet for charging which can be a problem. 

For a quick fix to our rising gas prices considering purchasing a hybrid vehicle is definitely an advantage to look at.  

in conclusion, I don't know what will power our vehicles in the future, but I know this: Steam power was replaced with electric power, electric power was replaced by gasoline power, and eventually gasoline power will be replaced with something else, which at this time is electric cars..

Whether hybrid cars represent the "replacement" or the means to find the replacement, they do represent a possible solution in our present situation.

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